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Coco Bikini Stripless wax (pastilles, 800 g bags)

Breathe its delicious fragrance and go relax on a beach in the Brazil. 

Peel wax without Rosin

  • white color
  • Perfume Coco
  • texture smooth, creamy and comfortable
  • excellent adhesion to the even finest hairs

 Perfect for all small sensitive areas like the Jersey, underarms and face

Bag 800 g pellets

Decreasing price per quantity


     Coconut Bikini is a peel wax without Rosin (the pine resin that can be allergenic).

     It applies in a slightly thick layer by making a round trip from the tip on the skin

    This is a new generation of wax which works at low temperature (warm) Unlike 'traditional' so-called waxes which apply to higher temperatures.

    If the wax is liquid, it is that it is too hot. ELLE applies on the skin when it is in Pasty form

    She leaves no sticky particles or residue on the skin.

    The peelable coconut Bikini wax can be used on all parts of the body and is particularly effective for sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms.

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